4 Elements of Disasters

4 Elements of Disasters

by Maya Atlantean of AncientColonyTheory.com

I noticed the 2 disasters link to 4 Elements.  MH370 links to the Element of Air and South Korean Ferry disaster link to Element of Water.  I also observe the Numerical value of both.  The date March 8 and April 16.  8+8=16.   I also noticed the people.  MH 370 had 239 passengers and South Korean Ferry had 478 passengers.  239 + 239 = 478.  Is it coincidence?  

The 4 elements are Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.  


Elements of Air – Disaster of Malaysian Airlines MH370 Vanished on March 8, 2014 carrying 239 people


Elements of Water – Disaster of South Korea ferry sank on April 16, 2014 carrying 478 people.


Elements of Fire – still to come (Maybe Asteroid, Volcano, Nuclear? )

Elements of Earth – still to come (Maybe Earthquake?)

5th Element is the Elements of ‘Sky’ or in Hindu scripture called Akasha.  – The 5th Element is probably the biggest mystery of all disasters.


Is it coincidence?  Is there a Plan? Is there some sort of Revelation?




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