About Ancient Colony


Ancient Colony Theory website is created to archive articles, post related news, connect sites and links to resources to support the idea of this theory.  This will be very educational, mind boggling, and un-classify the classified information.


What it is?

Ancient Colony Theory is a theory that Human Colonized Earth a long time ago.   Different Race came from different planets. I called the original race as Root race.  Root race such as Blacks, Yellow, Brown, Bronze, White and etc.   These Root race had settled on Earth in different Timelines and Location on Earth.   For example: Black race settled in Australia and Africa and Bronzed settled in the Sunken continent we called MU while Caucasian race settled in the sunken continent of Atlantis.



To make Ancient Colony Theory become Fact.   To gain knowledge that will help Human on Earth evolve and balance Spiritual and Technological evolution.  Eventually be able to have a ship, fly and visit the Mother Planets.



To educate, connect, and help Human evolve Spiritually, Technologically, Economically, and become harmonious with Earth and Universe.

Ancient Colony Body of Knowledge (ACBOK)
1. Creation of the System and the Creator
2. Human Colonization of Earth Timelines and Original Planets
3. Lost history of the Ancient (The Watchers, Economy, Practices)
4. Lost knowledge of Ancient (Tablets, Universal Laws, Rituals)
5. Lost Technology of (Levitation, Crafts, Star-gate)
6. 7 Hermetic Principles or 7 Universal Laws
7. Future of Humanity and the connection to Ancient



I’m keeping my identity a Secret.  I will use my internet pseudo name “Maya Atlantean”.   Until the A.C.T. become somewhat acceptable, in my perspective.