Human Vibration & How to read them or Not to read them

Human Vibration & How to read them

Everything Vibrates!  Atom attached & detached through vibration frequency.   Every thoughts & emotions have vibration signature.  By reading their vibrations, you can tell whether a person is angry, happy, sad, stress and etc…    Even if they are far away, you can still read them because everything is connected.  Not necessarily physical but also spiritually.

Human Vibration
Human Vibration

How to read Human Vibration?

  1. First step: You need to first gain the knowledge and be aware of it.
  2. Second step: “Eye is the window to their soul”.   Looked at the Person’s eye.  If you can’t see the eye, feel the vibration.
  3. Third Step: Practice

How to enhance your ability to read Human Vibration:

  • Meditate
  • Practice Relaxation
  • Exercise
  • Eat Healthy Food & Drinks like Tea.
  • Yoga, Taichi, Qigongs, Reiki are excellent practices to enhance your awareness.

Why would I want to read surrounding Vibration?

  • You can avoid accidents, fights, issues, or challenges.  It can saves lives.
  • Enhance Life
  • Enhance Career
  • Police, Military, Security, and etc… can use it to catch Criminals!

How Not to read Human Vibration:

  • Don’t look at the Eyes
  • Close your awareness mentally & emotionally
  • Drink Tea or Coffee
  • Eat or Drink Religion Forbidden Food.  They close your Pineal Gland.
  • Do not exercise.  Exercise can enhance your awareness.  If you don’t want to be aware, don’t exercise.
  • Eat Unhealthy food.   Junk food can decrease your awareness.





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