Moon Ship and the Legend of the Chinese Dragon

Moon Ship and the Legend of the Chinese Dragon


Moon Colony & Legend of the Chinese Dragon

Ancient Secret Reveals – The Legend of the Chinese Dragon, The Moon, and The Ancient Space Ship at the back of the Moon. – Around 250,000 bc, a Human Race (Present day Bronze race) from Sirius made an expedition looking for planet because their planet was inconveniently over populated. They found this Solar System and browse to Mars, Venus, and eventually Earth.   As they were looking for Land on Earth, they went to present day China where Yellow race reside. Chinese People were very upset and started attacking the ship. Due to Advance Technology and Spirituality of the Sirius People, they blew the Fire to scare them off. That was the beginning of Dragon Legend that Breath Fire.


Due to Hostility of Earth People at that time, the Sirius Human Colony resides at the Moon for 50,000 years until it reached 2 Million People.   After 50,000 years, they browse Earth again to look for the land and found the Continent in the Pacific which we now called Lost Continent of MU. The Bronze race called their Land Lamar but the People on Earth particularly Chinese People called them MU as they called Moon, the MU.


They browse the Earth and found Continent of MU to be their liking due to the fact that it is near the Equator and they Love the Sun. There was a small yellow race colony at the Continent of MU which we now called Japan. After they decided that Continent of MU will be the land, they quickly creates roads, homes, gardens, and eventually the Biggest Pyramid on Earth which was 3 times the size of Pyramid of Giza. This Pyramid resides at their Capital City near the present day Easter Island.


Sunken Continent of MU

Sunken Continent of MU



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