News Articles – April 12 2014

News Articles

Paleontology, Evolution and Prehistoric Studies

Scientists Unravel One Of The Keys To Life On Earth — And It’s Right Beneath Your Feet

Ancient shrimp-like animals had ‘modern’ hearts and blood vessels

Bee fossils provide rare glimpse into Ice Age environment

Serbia experts use heavy machinery to move mammoth

Human ‘missing link’ fossils may be jumble of species

Farming Changed Human Bones, Suggests Study

The real flood: Submerged prehistory

14,000 year old flint tools: Earliest human occupation of Scotland

Tree of bird life could solve Noah’s Ark problem

New find challenges ‘simple’ Australian artefacts assumption

Digitising cave art will prevent it being lost forever

Extinct carnivorous marsupial may have hunted prey larger than itself

Researchers say Neanderthals were no strangers to good parenting

Study confirms that Neanderthals and humans got it on

How a Single Act of Evolution Nearly Wiped Out All Life on Earth


If Jesus Never Called Himself God, How Did He Become One?

One million buried in mass graves on forbidden New York island- Video

History knows many searches akin to missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

The riddle of the Voynich Manuscript

Rwanda observes 20th anniversary of genocide amid new tensions

Germany, heir reach accord on Nazi-looted art stash

Meet The Three Female Medical Students Who Destroyed Gender Norms A Century Ago

The leaps of faith that saved a brave few from Auschwitz’s horrors: New study reveals how hundreds of Jews used desperate means to jump from Nazi trains

Challenge to Titanic sinking theory

6 Things You Should Know About Napoleon

State Dept. urges New York, Maryland to pull Holocaust legislation

‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ likely isn’t a modern forgery, scientists claim


Satellite technology will be used to improve management of the archeological part at the ancient Roman ruins of Pompeii

Group hunts Pacific jungles for remains of WWII fighters, planes

Two Islamic-Era Settlements Unearthed in Qatar

Archaeologists Return to Oklahoma’s Spiro Mounds

4,500-year-old boat among Viking artifacts hoard discovered in Galway

Roman Imperial Port Facilities Emerge Under Archaeological Investigation

Remnants of Sailendra dynasty allegedly found

A single tooth can tell a lot about ancient people

Researcher Suggests Famous Ancient Inca Monumental Complex Exhibits Astronomical Values

Researcher dives into archaeology’s next frontier

Developer to Preserve Ancient Tequesta Village In Heart Of Miami


Ancient Egyptian Mummy Found With Brain but No Heart

Rare sarcophagus, Egyptian scarab found in Israel

Egyptian Salafist scholar calls for the destruction of “Pyramids and Sphinx”

General Science

Wi-Fi speeds are about to triple

U.S. Navy testing more sophisticated pilotless helicopters

Navy’s newest weapon kills at seven times the speed of sound

70 Mbps Wi-Fi connections are coming to planes near you next year

Navy unveils new program to create drone-like autonomous aircraft

Keeping Robots In Line With The Law

DARPA is turning old drones from Iraq into flying Wi-Fi hotspots

Physics, Earth and Space Sciences

Saturn’s Moon Enceladus Is Now a Top Candidate for Life

Wanna Build a Rocket? NASA’s About to Give Away a Mountain of Its Code

The billionaire who wants to harvest the moon

Is Anti-Gravity Possible? Brian Greene’s WSU Has The Answer

Secret Spaceplane, Mystery Mission–politics.html

Exomoon Possibly Detected Around Alien Planet

NASA photo captures strange bright light coming out of Mars

Astronaut Pee Turned Into Fuel

‘Cherry tree from space’ mystery baffles Japan

Saturn’s hexagon: An amazing phenomenon

Darpa’s Robots Could Soon Assemble Satellites in Space

Dino-Killing Asteroid Dwarfed by Earlier Space Rock Crash

Space station computer outage may force spacewalk

Environment, Climate Change and Alternative Energy Sources

Wireless Electricity Is Happening!

Earth Will Cross the Climate Danger Threshold by 2036

Climate Deniers Intimidate Journal into Retracting Paper that Finds They Believe Conspiracy Theories

Raging Rivers: Navajo Nation Council to Vote on Grand Canyon Escalade Project

Hole Found in Natural Protective Layer of Earth’s Atmosphere

Has Fusion Finally Solved Its Hype Problem?

Should We Close Part Of The Ocean To Keep Fish On The Plate?

Acclaimed author and environmentalist Peter Matthiessen dead at 86

US Navy ‘game-changer’: converting seawater into fuel

Underwater Antarctic Biodome Will Create ‘Future Ocean’ Inside to Test Acidification

Statistical analysis rules out natural-warming hypothesis with more than 99 percent certainty

High-altitude wind turbines have potential to generate large amounts of electricity

Permafrost thawing could accelerate global warming, research says

Start-ups fuel boom in small-scale nuclear power

New documentary series explores climate change through ordinary lives

Germany’s green dreams meet harsh reality

Biological, Genetics and Medical Sciences

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs

Amino acid fingerprints revealed in new study

FDA Approves Handheld Device That Reverses Painkiller Overdose

Virtual Surgery: Training Med Students on a 3D Cadaver

A Bandage That Senses Tremors, Delivers Drugs, and Keeps a Record

Pfizer reports promising results for cancer drug

Four Women Doing Fine After Getting Vagina Implants Made From Their Own Cells

How Public Health Advocates Are Trying To Reach Non-Vaccinators

Stimulation restores some function for 4 paralyzed men- Video

Scientists grow human body parts in lab

For 21st-Century Kids, Home Microfluidics And Neurology Kits

Mechanobiology: Enzyme micropump autonomously delivers insulin in response to glucose levels

Graduate student brings extinct plants to life

Protein researches closing in on the mystery of schizophrenia

Brain cell discovery could open doors to targeted cancer therapies


House with notorious past up for sale in Ohio

Full body dryer dries you off in 30 seconds or less

A Nonbeliever Tries To Make Sense of The Visions She Had As A Teen



Additional Informational

PBS, the Abolitionists

Gerald Schwab: A German Jewish Refugee Returns as an American Soldier

How the upright ape conquered the world

John Mack: Human Encounters with Aliens (excerpt) — A Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove

Agrostis: Tryptamines in the Crucible of Civilization

What Voyager’s golden record tells ET about Earth?

Black Mummy of the Green Sahara- Video



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