Secret of Viktor Grebennikov Anti-Gravity Revealed

Secret of Viktor Grebennikov Revealed

by: Maya Atlantean, site owner of

I learned about Victor Grebennikov when I’m studying Vibration Levitation a few years ago and fascinated about his work but Mr. Grebennikov took his anti-gravity secret to his grave. The species and type of insect which manifested the antigravity effects were never revealed.  For those interested to Victor’s biography and his work, I posted links below this article.

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On January 29, 2014, as I’m doing my work, an idea popped on my head of Insect & Vibration.   I quickly did a search on Google to see what it will produce.  I came to this article from New Scientist Magazine, titled “Robotic insect ‘flight’ may be just good vibrations”.

“Last year, a team at Harvard University released a video demonstration of a robotic fly they had developed, showing it flapping its wings and levitating up a pair of guide wires.

But Michele Milano of Arizona State University in Tempe wondered whether the wing motion was entirely responsible for giving the robot lift, or whether some other force was involved. “The video showed that the guide wires were vibrating significantly when the wings beat,” he told New Scientist.”

Unfortunately, I can’t access the entire study at this magazine due to a fee.  So I dig and found the whole study at this location .

“Is it simply the mechanical wings? Is it the vibration of guide wires? Or a combination of both?

Milano and his team fashioned a testing device made of a motor, metal tubes and wires that got a version of a robofly without wings to elevate.

The experiment suggests a robofly’s power of flight owes more to factors such as the vibration frequency and resonant frequency of the wires.”

Here is the video of the Study



Michele Milano, Assistant Professor
Education: Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2002
Office:1004 Furnas Hall
Phone: (716) 645-7432
FAX: (716) 645-2883
E-mail: mmilano .at.
Curriculum Vitae: Click for PDF
Research Interests: Stochastic optimization, modeling of complex systems, biologically inspired propulsion systems, flow-structure interaction.
Selected Papers, Publications, & Presentations:
M. Milano, D. Jurjevich, R. Adrian, “The flying brick: a cautionary note on testing flying robots using guide wires”, IEEE Trans. On Robotics, vol. 25, n. 2, 2009
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A MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: What was the Insect?  It was the Dragon Fly.   In fact, Viktor Grebennikov gave the Hint of the specific insect at his book, A Million Riddles, published in Novosibirsk in 1968.  He wrote the following & the drawing:

 “At the end of my first book, A Million Riddles, published in Novosibirsk in 1968, there is a drawing that I am reproducing again: a man is flying over Novosibirsk’s Academic City. He is flying a device based on a huge pair of insect wings. At the time I dreamed of inventing such a machine. Strangely, the dream came true precisely because of my friendship with insects-yet not by blindly copying the most noticeable parts-for example wings that only make me smile now-but through careful study of living Nature. Nothing would have been possible without my six-legged friends. No one would be able to do without them either. Thus safeguard their world, the ancient, wonderful world of Insect, for it is an infinite, unique treasure of Nature’s mysteries! I beg you all, take care of it! ” – Victor Grebennikov –


VICTOR GREBENNIKOV ANTIGRAVITY SECRET:  Based on the current Scientific Studies and Researched, Victor Grebennikov learned the Vibrational Frequency of the Dragonfly and replicated into his own device.






  • Hi,

    According to Grebennikovs own words he discovered the effect while using wingcasings, probably of a beetle. Nothing to do with a dragonfly.
    They floated without aid on his desk so no vibrations there.

    • Hi Evert,

      Thank you for taking your time to comment. There are several ways to hide secrets, either Not to tell it or Mislead people. If it can prove that the wing itself can levitate object, we would have gotten it by now. At this point, there are lots of evidence for Acoustic Levitation or Vibrational Levitation. I will post more about that in the near future.

      -Maya Atlantean-

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