Timeline 0 – The Beginning

428259_258700560879985_1661816564_nTIMELINE 0 – The Beginning. (Requested by some facebook members. My intention is not bias towards religions or any kind. My intent is to inform.) I did my best to make it as simple as possible.

Atomic Explosion:
Everything in the Universe is made out of Atom. In the beginning there was just a pure (Spirit) Energy and a vast Space. I will call this Energy The Creator or Great Spirit. Out of Creator’s Thought comes out 4 Atomic Explosions. Our Scientist called it The Big Bang Theory. The First Atomic Explosion was the Creation of Planets. The Second Atomic Explosion was the Creation of Animals. The Third Atomic Explosion was the Creation of Physical Beings. The Fourth most important Explosion was The Spirit. Our Spirit is made out of 400,000,000,000 Trillion of Electrons. 1 Electron is equivalent to one small city of information!. It can hold Infinity of Information. The Entire Universe were based in Numerical Value. Usually in odd numbers. The number is based on 9. For example; 9 planets and 1 sun. 9 Solar Systems in 1 Central Sun, 9 Galaxies in 1 Central Star and so on… all the way to the Creator. Everything Revolved around The Creator. The Creator is in the middle of everything in the Universe. The number 9 is also within us. For example; We have one Higher Self connected to 9 Spirits. We called this “Soul Mates”. The Twin is automatically connected to one Higher Self. A Higher Self or Holy Spirit or God Self or Angel was put into us. It has Power of its own. It can revive you or save you. It can heal you. That’s how Healing works remotely. Your Higher Self can talked to other Higher Self.

Category of Planets:
Again this is based on 9. The Creator put 9 category of Planets. Each category of planet is different. It gets better as it goes up. The Physical Being is different also. Planet Earth is at Category 1. This Category of Planet, I call The Learning Planets. I will go with details below. The Highest Category of Planet is called by Hebrew YHWHVH, or some called it IEHOVA, JEHOVA, and etc.. Beings here do not die anymore. Very advance beings. We called these beings ‘Angels’. I called these beings The Watchers. I took the word from Enoch.

Filtering System of the Universe (Learning process):
The Creator put a ‘Filtering’ System because The Creator wanted a pure spirit. So it/she/he created, what we called ‘Re-incarnation’ process. It takes several lives. Once a Spirit gain knowledge and experience, it goes to the next category of planets. From 1st category of planets to 9th category of planets. Once you reached the 9th level, you have an option to either re-attached to the Creator or be one of the Angels or Watchers.

Question: Can a Being jump from 1st category go to 2nd category of planets? The answer is no. Your physical being will die in 9 days. You can travel or view using your Astral Body or Spirit but not Physical body.

Can a Physical being from the Higher Category go to Lower Category of Planets? The Answer is Yes. In fact it happened on Earth a long time ago.

I attached some photo to illustrate as best as I can.