Timeline 1 – First Human Colony

416182_244663432283698_836716562_oTimeline 1 – First Human Colony

TIMELINE 1 – 2.5 million years ago Human live off Mars but will be talking about the migration that happened 1,350,000 bc. The First Human Colony on Earth. (This information is requested by some Facebook members. I suggest to meditate first and access the truth within. It’s not my intention to create bias to Race, Religion, nor Intellectual, or current education.) A long time ago, 1,350,000 bc. Black race and Yellow race from a planet in Centaur Constellation made a decision to have an expedition to find a new planet that is younger and the same category as their planet. Their Planet was cooling down and about to die within 500 years. They penetrated Mars first. There were Humanoids also living on Mars at that time who looked like Mongoloid. They knew that Mars is also about to die for the next 5,000 years. So they flew their two space craft and both flew to Earth. Black Race landed on present day Australia. At that time, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Guinea, and even Antarctica where one huge Continent. Yellow race landed and had base on present day Burma. After the establishment, they returned to their planet and bring more people about 3 billion Blacks and 3 billion Yellow race. Of course each of them bring Plans, Vegetables and Animals to Earth from their original planet. These were the Zebras, Kangaroos, Dodos, Birds, Huge Jaguars, and etc.. Maize, tapioca, Sunflower, Wheat, Cabbages, Parsley, Coriander, Cherry Tree, Banana, Orange and etc.. Rice by the way was originally Earth. For thousands of years, they live peacefully. Their religion was the same as the Tibetan Buddhist religion called Lamaism. In other words, they believe in Reincarnation. Both Black and Yellow race made an expedition. They reached the tip of South Africa which was called Cape of Good Hope. By the way, They were Tall at that time. Because of Earth Gravitational pull, they became smaller. They brought animals such as Elephants and Fruits and brought them back to their respective Countries. After a while a new Religion was establish, The ‘Priests’ became renegade and brought 500,000 blacks to South Africa. Over time, Those on Power developed corruptions, materialistic and etc.. Just like in this day. Overtime, a group of yellow race interbreed with black race. We called Cross breed. A new race developed and these were the ancestor of present day Arab race. About 750,000 bc. An Asteroid was about to hit Earth. The Leaders and the ‘Elite’ didn’t tell the people. They still have the Ship at that time. Their plan is when the Asteroid is about to hit Earth, they will fly in the atmosphere and live their for a while. This plan didn’t work. When the Asteroid penetrated Earth, it turned into 3 pieces. One dropped Galapagos Islands, One in Red Sea, and one in Australian Sea. It shifted the Earth Geographically. Their ship were pulled back to Earth and went down. Total Geographic shift on Earth. Lands created, these where the Continent of Lemuria, MU, and Atlantis were created. Volcanoes created. Lands were separated, Indonesia, Malaysia, Antarctica and etc.. Antarctica become the South Pole. Poisonous Gas in Atmosphere. It also triggered natural Uranium. DNA were affected. Total Annihilation. One ship survived and land on present day Greenland. These were the surviving Yellow race. People who survived retorted to Cannibalism.