TIMELINE 2 – 250,000 bc – The Mother of All Civilization

425832_245390668877641_884080346_nTIMELINE 2 – 250,000 bc – The Mother of All Civilization (Pls. read TIMELINE 1. ). Bronze Race from a Planet with a Binary Star System decided to have Expedition to find a planet because their planet was becoming over populated. They were Technologically advance as well as Spiritually Advance. They penetrated our Solar Systems. They landed in present day China where Yellow race subside. They were very upset and started attacking the Ship they called “The Fire Dragon”. They continue to scan Earth and found that the Continent we called MU appealed to them. Not only it was near the Equator but also virtually paradise. (I’ll add detail of MU later). Because of the incident happened in China. They decided to use the Moon as a base for Security reason until they put all the people from their original planet to Moon. They setup a Lunar Base for the next 50 years before heading to Continent of MU. Once ready, they headed back to MU and started building Structures! The Biggest and the First Pyramids were built in Continent of MU. The pyramid was 4 times the size of Pyramid of Giza. They constructed 19 large Cities. They imported Dogs, Cats, Pigs, Armadillo, Monkeys, and etc.. from their Planet. They had 7 Leaders (Kings). They knew that it was the Best Political System in the Universe. (I will provide more info about this). Their Capital City were situated Near where Easter Island was. They construct using Anti-gravity, Levitation technique and etc.. All reports to Chief Architects. They have no Monetary system. You can pick fruits, vegetables, and anything you need. The home also were provided. The workers work on their talent and skills. Very organize system and advance nation. Their religion also believed in Re-incarnation. They meditate as a process to use the Pyramid as a communication tools to other planets and universe. They believe in The One called The Great Spirit. They knew Universal Laws. Pyramids were tools to capture Planetary, star, cosmic energies, and etc… After 50,000 years. The population of MU reached 80 mil. So they setup an expedition through the use of the Pyramids in their capital city. They have flying crafts similar to “Flying Saucers”. They’ve setup a a colony to New Guinea, Central America, South America, Southern Asia, Lemuria, and Atlantis. To cut the story short. There was a great Cataclysmic event that happened 14,500 bc which became almost like a Human Extinction. Underneath the Continent of MU, a natural Gas exploded triggering world wide Catalytic event. The whole geographic land of Earth changed. Continents sunk within 24 hours. Earth quake everywhere. Tsunami toppled cities. Lands were divided. All Volcanoes exploded turning the sky filled with Smoke and creating what we called The Ice Age.