TIMELINE 3 – The Birth of Atlantis & the colony of Caucasian race

atlantisTIMELINE 3 – 700,000 BC – The Birth of Atlantis & the colony of Caucasian race.  After the Catalytic Event of 780,000 bc that created the Continents of Atlantis, MU, Lemuria, and etc…  Caucasian race came and colonized the Continent of Atlantis.  Although they are not entirely a major colony, they came here by groups.  The continent of Atlantis had several catalytic events that eventually destroyed the ship that should brought them back to their planet.  Around 200,000 BC the Bronze race from MU expanded.  Atlantis was a great place to create a great civilization.  However, the religion of Bronze race and Government system didn’t appeal to some of the inhabitant of Atlantis.  These Caucasian race migrated to Northern Europe and Northern Africa.  Mix between White and Black in Northern Africa created a new race called the Berbers.







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