TIMELINE 4 – 12,000 bc – The 5th Race

Stranded_impTIMELINE 4 – 12,000 bc – The 5th Race (Jews Lost Hidden History). Planet Hebre was a 4th Category Planet. Very advance beings. Their planet was about to die within 500 years. So they have to find a planet where they can relocate. They’ve assembled a Team of Cosmonauts to search for a new planet. When they were passing by Earth. The Gravitational of Earth pulled their ship and they eventually crashed in today’s North Western Russia. 8 Cosmonauts stranded. 5 died when they were trying to fix the ship. 3 Survived. 1 Man and 2 Women. Since Russia was very cold, they walked from Russia all the way to present day Israel. It was in fact their original place. They still have the ‘laser’ weapon at that time. The Watcher knew what happened and could easily brought them back but they thought they will never survived and eventually when they re-incarnate will bring the astral back to the actual 4th category planet. It was a mistake on that part. The 3 survived because they were physically and mentally tough. Jewish race came from this 3.



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